When the Law of Attraction Fails

When the Law of Attraction Fails

The Secret DVD and book have captured national attention. With the Law of Attraction, it seems anyone can have anything they want. What happens when attraction fails?

The Secret DVD and book are #1 best sellers. Oprah highlights The Secret on National TV, as does Larry King Live. Suddenly The Secret and the Law of Attraction are hot.This seems like an easy and instant fix.

Focus on what you want and it will come to you. People like an instant fix for the problems they face.

The Law Of Attraction promises to provide that. Lose weight, make money, fall in love, all this can happen by attracting what you want, by thinking of what you want.

When Attraction Fails

But the Law of Attraction will fail for many people. Rather, many people will fail in their attempts to attract what they want, attracting instead what they’ve always attracted.

If the promise of the secret has turned into a broken promise for you, if you’ve tried to turn your life around and you think The Secret has failed, you’re not alone. After the initial rush of passionate believers will come a surge of disappointment.

Does Attraction Work?

It sounds so easy, like a miracle. Just think about what you want and it happens. The irony is that attracting what we want is that easy, but most of us will have a very difficult time successfully attracting anything significantly different from our current situations.

The reason is that we have had years and years of bad thinking habits. We think negatively more than positively. We focus on what we don’t want, even when we think we’re focusing on what we do want.

Negativity Prevails

The media mirrors current culture. Looking at the prevalent media treatment of life we see:

  • Comedy shows filled with demeaning, sarcastic, and insulting dialogue.
  • Entertainment shows involving unhealthy competition, unethical behaviors, and win at all costs conduct.
  • Daily news focused on war, murder, and most other forms of human abuse.
  • Even weather reports are fear-filled and focused on the extreme instances of storms.

Is it any wonder most people will fail to consistently focus on the positive end result they want?

What Can You Do?

What can you do to reverse your own personal focus on negativity? Think another thought. Think about something that carries a feel good feeling.

Think about an incident in your life that is positively hilarious. Everyone has one or two of those; something that makes you laugh so hard your stomach hurts. Call up that memory frequently.

Or think of someone you love. Picture a favorite infant in your family, or a loving pet. Recall a beautiful sunset or sunrise scene. Think of anything that carries a good feeling with it. It’s good to be informed, but don’t dwell on the media’s over-emphasized focus on tragedy and misfortune.

Attracting what you want in life is as straightforward as it sounds. And you can do it once you learn to focus properly on the positive end result you desire.

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