How to Inventory Personal Assets: Life Purpose

How to Inventory Personal Assets: Life Purpose

Follow this process to begin to take stock of personal assets and abilities as a foundation for a personal growth plan.

Before making plans for personal growth and development, one should take stock of the current assets which fuel growth.

The six assets on which to build personal development are Life Purpose, Life Passions, Unique Strengths, Lesser Competencies, Values, and Beliefs.

The personal growth planner may wish to first read Personal Growth Plan: A Personal Asset Inventory for an overall process overview.

Personal Growth Begins with Life Purpose

Begin with life purpose because this is the most fundamental asset of human growth. Knowing life’s purpose provides meaning and the opportunity for fulfillment from life’s daily roles and responsibilities.

The quest for life purpose frustrates many people until they realize that life purpose is clarified by looking deep within oneself through self reflection, self awareness, and meditation.

Discover Purpose in Life

To determine purpose in life first begin by imagining having won a huge lottery, one of the mega-millions lotteries. Bask in that fame and fortune for a bit and then fast-forward twelve months.

After the initial twelve months of great wealth when all the gifts, homes, cars, vacations, and toys have been purchased, one must face the practical question of what to do next.

Focus on the idea of immense wealth, more than can be used in one lifetime and then consider what will occupy the next phase of life. The activities that come to mind are not necessarily life purpose, but they are a clue to life purpose.

What is Life Purpose?

Continuing to mentally stay in a position of having great wealth, visualize daily life in those activities that came to mind.

While mentally immersed in these activities, reflect on the qualities or personal characteristics being displayed while immersed in the activities.

These are components of life purpose. Life purpose is composed of one or more states of being, displaying qualities and characteristics that are satisfying, fulfilling, and bring meaning to life.

For example, consider someone who feels attracted to feeding the homeless after visualizing the great wealth exercise.

For this person, feeding the homeless in itself may not be life purpose, but is a strong clue to life purpose. Upon further reflection, this person realizes that the qualities or characteristics being displayed are helping others, nurturing, and fairness.

For this person then, life purpose may resolve to being of service to others through nurturing and fair treatment. There may also be other life purpose components that this person will uncover with further reflection, but these three are an excellent beginning.

Integrate Purpose and Daily Life

To fulfill life purpose, a person need not abandon the current roles and responsibilities of life, giving away everything as a full time activity.

Indeed, that would be counterproductive as the person’s assets would be quickly depleted. Instead, life purpose can be realized by including activities of service to others, nurturing, and fair treatment in daily activities.

There are many ways to do this, and the specific ways picked are not important. For life purpose is realized by displaying qualities in whatever activities lend themselves to those qualities.

How to Inventory Personal Assets: Life Purpose

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