Creative Goal Setting: Use right-brain functions to set and achieve goals

Creative Goal Setting: Use right-brain functions to set and achieve goals

This article describes a new and creative method for goal setting and achievement. Use the SAFE acronym which engages right-brain creative functions to achieve your goals

One process recommended for goal setting is termed SMART. This acronym advises that you set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time related. This advice for setting your goals and objectives usually works well, but it may not be the fastest or easiest process for you to use.

You’ll recognize the logical structure of SMART goal setting for its dependence on left-brain logical and analytical processes. But what if you’re more right-brain, creatively oriented?

That’s where SAFE comes in. SAFE is an acronym (my left brain is still in play here) for a creative goal setting process especially useful for right-brain-oriented people. But left-brain, analytical and logical thinkers will also benefit from using SAFE.

The right side of our brains furnish our big-picture processes, helping us grasp total situations, reach overall insights, and see creative, alternative solutions.

The right side also houses our faith-based spiritual thinking. These strengths are very powerful, so it makes sense that we can use them to our goal achievement advantage.

SAFE stands for

  • See the end result
  • Accept the end result
  • Feel the end result
  • Express the end result

See it, Accept it, Feel it, and Express it!

See it

Picture the future as it will be when your goal is achieved. See it in great detail and full color. If your goal is weight loss, see yourself standing in front of a mirror at your new weight.

And looking good! See yourself being admired by others for your new appearance. Put yourself in clothing you might never wear now, but looks good on the new you.

Accept it

Accept means that you open yourself to attaining the goal AND you are 100% certain that it will occur. This is critical to goal attainment because it ensures that you have no doubts.

You may not know exactly how you’ll achieve your goal, but you have no doubt about achieving it; it will happen and you know it. There’s some faith and magic at work here, so open yourself to the power of the Universe to bring you what you want.

Feel it

Goal attainment is more about attracting what we want than chasing what we want.

Attraction is strengthened by combining the mental power of thinking about the goal (seeing and accepting) with the emotional power of the feelings you’ll have when the goal is achieved.

The stronger the emotion the stronger the attraction to the goal.

Express it

Use your full powers of expression to cement your end result in place. Describe it verbally, telling yourself all about it. Write about it.

Describe in vivid detail every aspect of how your life looks after the goal is achieved. Capture your feelings in words, too. Draw it, paint it, create a collage that describes and depicts it. Place your writing and pictures where you’ll see them every day.

Using SAFE brings into play the full power of your brain, primarily building on right-brain strengths, but using left-brain functions too. Using SAFE in goal setting harnesses your full creative powers.

If you’re naturally right-brain dominant, using SAFE will build on your strengths. For you left-brainers, as I was, you’ll be building new abilities and achieving more when you utilize your whole brain.


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